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DELTA Business Models

  • Posted by: Linda Henriksson
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DELTA partner e7, supported by other members of the project team, have developed a set of DELTA Business Models that are now openly accessible in DELTA Deliverable 2.3. The report aims to provide a detailed analysis of demand response (DR) business models allowing small and medium-sized customers (consumers, producers and prosumers) to participate in the energy market and in the provision of innovative DR services.

The detailed analysis of DR business models covers the main driving forces behind the marketability of these services, identifies the main needs of customers and presents the most relevant customer segments. In addition, it presents different channels for reaching small and medium-sized customers and the costs and revenues that are associated with their involvement.

Firstly, we assess the heterogeneity of the different forms of flexibility markets. Secondly, we develop generic DR business models that are generally appropriate for the incorporation of small and medium-sized customers. All generic DR business models then undergo a detailed Business Model Canvas assessment. Finally, we conclude that business models that embed DR services into a larger service package – such as EES, facility management, supply of electricity or equipment provision – are more promising than DR services offered as a stand-alone service. This observation is mostly related to the impact of transaction costs on profitability.

You will find D2.3 and other DELTA deliverables here:


Author: Linda Henriksson
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