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Focus Group at the University of Cyprus

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Focus Group at the University of Cyprus

  • Posted by: Dawn Lonergan
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On the 15th of January, a DELTA focus group took place at the premises of FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy at the University of Cyprus. This focus group gave pilot site leaders the opportunity to analyse the implementation activities of DELTA and how end-users can be engaged.

The scope of this event was to provide details to participants about how the demand response events can be activated, as well as how their active participation can yield economic benefits for them and the university community as a whole. A survey analysis that would refine the users’ requirements was also conducted.

Although the user group of the DELTA pilot is quite large, with 800 end-users in total, the conducted focus groups were limited to a total of 50 users. The selection of participants was based on their interaction with previous projects, and on their roles (e.g. Building Managers, students, and technical staff).

Author: Dawn Lonergan
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