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DELTA Paper Accepted at SEST 2021 Conference

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DELTA Paper Accepted at SEST 2021 Conference

  • Posted by: Gillian Arigho
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A DELTA paper has been accepted at the SEST 2021 Conference.

The paper, entitled: “Energy Profile Clustering with Balancing Mechanism towards more Reliable Distributed Virtual Nodes for Demand Response” will be presented at the event by DELTA project partner CERTH.

It will be available to read under the publications tab in due course.

SEST 2021 Conference

SEST 2021 will be the 4th international conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (SEST).

The event creates an opportunity for participants to highlight the various engineering challenges facing the smart energy industry. It allows stakeholders to share their knowledge across a broad range of topics, such as energy system design and grid integration.

It also provides an arena for academic researchers, industry professionals, as well as government policymakers to communicate their findings and to discuss the best practice for the implementation of smart energy systems.

The conference will take place from Monday, September 6th – Wednesday, September 8th in Vaasa, Finland.

You can learn more about the event on the SEST website.

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Author: Gillian Arigho
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