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DELTA Paper Accepted To Journal of Cleaner Production

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DELTA Paper Accepted To Journal of Cleaner Production

  • Posted by: Gillian Arigho
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A DELTA paper has been accepted to the Journal of Cleaner Production.

The paper, entitled: “Optimal, dynamic and reliable demand-response via OpenADR-compliant multi-agent virtual nodes: Design, implementation & evaluation” was authored by DELTA project coordinators, CERTH.

Although extensive research has been completed on the optimal dispatch of demand response (DR), the vast majority of that research is based on the assumption that all DR requests are successfully fulfilled.

This publication investigates how unpredictable factors, such as inconsistent end-user behaviour, can drastically influence the DR’s outcomes.

It introduces a novel, distributed, multi-agent system (MAS) that aggregates consumers and prosumers and automatically handles Open Automate Demand Response-compliant DR requests is introduced, based on virtual power plant (VPP) principles.

The paper will be available to view under the DELTA publications tab soon.

Journal of Cleaner Production

The Journal of Cleaner Production is an international peer-reviewed academic journal featuring transdisciplinary research on cleaner production. It aims to help societies become more sustainable through the prevention of waste while increasing efficiency in the use of energy, water, raw materials and human capital.

You can learn more about the journal on the Elsevier website.

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Author: Gillian Arigho
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