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DELTA Webinar

  • Posted by: Dawn Lonergan
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DELTA will host a webinar on Thursday. November 19th from 1-2pm GMT.

The webinar agenda is:

1. Introduction of the DELTA project

Overall goals and status of the DELTA project

Speaker: Apostolos Tsolakis, CERTH

2. Overview of DR services, markets and regulatory issues

Current market activities and regulatory issues

Speaker: Antonios Marinopoulos, JRC

3. Demand Response in the EU vs. USA

Current market activities and regulatory issues

Comparison of the European and American Market

Speaker: Christopher Kuhl, Sales Director KIWI – US & Canada

4. DELTA Business Models

Overview of the proposed DELTA Business Models

Speaker: Guntram Pressmair, e7

5. Future Market Perspectives – Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

In terms of regulation and business models

Speaker: Stephan Marty, Chief Commercial Officer KIWI

6. Q&A

Guided by Dawn Lonergan, CARR

This event is free and will be held online, with a link to the event shared before the event.

If you have any questions, please email

You can register for the event here:

Author: Dawn Lonergan
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