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Demand Response Training at the University of Cyprus

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Demand Response Training at the University of Cyprus

  • Posted by: Linda Henriksson
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DELTA partner FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus (UCY) hosted a Demand Response (DR) training course for 20 end-users and building/facility managers at UCY on 8th February 2020.

Demand Response is one of the most customer-dependent options among smart grid solutions. Thus, successful strategies aiming to achieve effective and reliable DR participation should be developed through deep understanding of end-users’ awareness, expectations and concerns.

With this in mind, FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy hosted a training course and invited representatives of the pilot end-users as well as building/facility managers of the Cypriot pilot-site.

The objective of the course was to address the role of DR in the evolving electricity market and how two EU funded projects, DELTA and DRIMPAC, aim to provide innovative end-user-oriented DR solutions. Special Scientist Venizelos Venizelou (FOSS) opened the course with an introduction to the current electricity market, the upcoming changes in the energy landscape and how DR has a major role to play in future ‘Smart Grids’.

This was followed by a presentation by Special Scientist Alexis Frangoullides (FOSS). He explained the concept and objectives of the DELTA project and described the deployment plans of the Cypriot pilot-site and the central role of the pilot end-users.

Venizelos Venizelou continued with a presentation of the DRIMPAC project, where he presented the objectives and innovative solutions of the project.

The course concluded with an open discussion where the 20 attendees expressed their interest in engaging with the projects as well as their concerns about the limited energy flexibility potential and the potential impact of DR on their comfort level. The UCY partners assured the participants that the implemented solutions will take both thermal and vision comfort levels into consideration, while the flexibility potential will be maximised through the innovative decision systems introduced by the projects. Attendees also voiced their interest in engaging in a competitive award system and suggested various incentives that would motivate them to actively participate in the projects.


Special Scientist Venizelos Venizelou, FOSS (UCY)

Special Scientist Alexis Frangoullides, FOSS (UCY)

Author: Linda Henriksson
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