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Introducing the DELTA Advisory Board

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Introducing the DELTA Advisory Board

  • Posted by: Linda Henriksson
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We are happy to announce that the DELTA Advisory Board group has been established and the collaboration between the Advisory Board and the project partners is under way. The activities kicked off with an inaugural online advisory board meeting on 27th August 2019.

The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the Advisory Board members to the project’s concept, demonstrate the developed solutions and present them with preliminary results in order to receive their constructive feedback. This will then allow us to refine user and business requirements and technical specifications.

The Advisory Board consists of three independent experts with wide recognition in their respective fields, and with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, including market needs, technological trends and standards.

The members of the Advisory Board:

Afroditi Keramida, EU Energy Policy Consultant

Christoforos Ntantogian, Lecturer at the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus

Konstantinos Arvanitis, Business Development Manager at WATT+VOLT S.A.

The Advisory Board supports the project in involving relevant stakeholders from key sectors:

  • The ICT sector, such as ICT software and equipment providers / telecommunication companies, supporting the DELTA energy network framework design and development;
  • The energy sector, such as Distribution System Operators / Transmission System Operators / Balance Responsible Parties and Aggregators, providing valuable insight into the proposed systems, identifying limitations and barriers to be overcome, or opportunities and challenges to be addressed;
  • The end-user sector, including key stakeholders involved in the DELTA use cases, such as energy and power distribution companies, retailers and energy customers in general.

Moreover, the Advisory Board will ensure the international impact of the project results, as well as the conformance of the project results with international socio-economic trends.

The experts will perform an annual review of the quality and technical achievements of DELTA and provide the consortium with valuable feedback. They will also review selected deliverables before submission.

We welcome the Advisory Board to the project and look forward to fruitful collaboration over the second half of the project.


Author: Linda Henriksson
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