Joint Workshop on Next-Generation Demand Response

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Joint Workshop on Next-Generation Demand Response

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On November 26th a joint workshop and conference will be held in London between two EU funded research and innovation projects, DELTA and eDREAM. Working on the next generation of demand response technology and innovation, DELTA and eDREAM are inviting all those interested in smart grids and the future of energy markets to join them in discussing the latest trends in energy flexibility.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn about the innovative areas of research which the projects are pioneering including edge devices, self-managing virtual nodes and smart contracts to settle energy flexibility transactions. Discussions on the project findings and how they will impact the next generation of energy markets will take place throughout the day allowing guests to provide feedback which will assist in the validation of user requirement and business cases.

The workshop and conference will take place on November 26th in the Museum of London’s Garden Room. As places are limited please register at the following link: where a full agenda is also available.

The Museum of London is located within a short distance of Bank, Barbican and St. Paul’s underground stations.


DELTA is a three-year research and innovation project, funded by Horizon 2020, working to unleash the demand response potential of small to medium scale prosumers around Europe. It is developing innovative tools which will allow aggregators to manage their portfolios of consumers and prosumers more effectively.

With climate change leading to more extreme weather events around Europe we are beginning to see the strain these have on our electricity grids, opening the door for efficient demand response practices to help balance the grid.

About eDREAM

Funded by the Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme, eDREAM envisions revolutionizing the way the demand response market is currently operated based on traditional centralized processes.

eDREAM aims to research, validate and bring into pre-commercialization phase a near-real time closed-loop demand response framework, fully autonomous, secure (through an enhanced blockchain ecosystem) and based on decentralized decision making functional model.

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