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New DELTA Animated Demonstration Video

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New DELTA Animated Demonstration Video

  • Posted by: Gillian Arigho
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The DELTA project is very excited to announce the release of a new animated demonstration video, “DELTA: Unleashing Europe’s Demand Response Potential”.

This video illustrates the tools and strategies that make up the DELTA framework, demonstrating the impact that the project’s solutions will have on the European energy landscape. It shows how DELTA is made up of two technical innovations; the DELTA Virtual Node (DVN) and the Fog Enabled Intelligent Device (FEID).

The Delta Virtual Node (DVN)

The DVN will allow effective small and medium customer management by optimally grouping them into larger entities that can successfully participate in today’s DR markets.

The Fog Enabled Intelligent Device (FEID)

The FEID is the hardware that will be installed within the participating homes and businesses to gather the data sent to the DVN, delivering advanced intelligence and real-time information.

Watch the video below to see how these devices interact with other demand response technologies and, together, form the DELTA framework.

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Author: Gillian Arigho
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