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New DELTA Animated Demonstration Video

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New DELTA Animated Demonstration Video

  • Posted by: Gillian Arigho
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We have released a new animated demonstration video, “DELTA Scenario 2: Intra and Inter Matchmaking”.

This video illustrates how DELTA ensures the successful completion of demand response (DR) requests through our energy matchmaking process.

Fulfilling a DR request is vulnerable to several volatile factors. Once a request has accepted by the Fog Enabled Intelligent Devices (FEIDs) within a DELTA Virtual Node (DVN), the DR transaction begins. Monitoring the DR status corresponds to carefully tracking the power flow from each explicit or implicit FEID.

In the event that even one FEID fails, the DELTA Matchmaking process is triggered. This is broken into two subprocesses: Intra and Inter Matchmaking.

Intra Matchmaking detects the failed FEID(s). It works to locate and employ a substitute FEID within that DVN to fulfil the DR request. This is after a new Smart Contract is confirmed.

Inter Matchmaking is only triggered when Intra Matchmaking fails to source a suitable FEID. During this process, the DVN informs the Aggregator about the matchmaking failure. The Aggregator then feeds information into the DVN regarding other DVNs that could assist it. The neighbouring DVN with the highest reliability factor is selected and sent a new Smart Contract. Once the DR request is accepted, FEIDs within the neighbouring DVN work to successfully complete the request.

Watch the video below to learn more about these innovations.

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Author: Gillian Arigho
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