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New EU project will support the delivery of Energy Efficiency targets

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New EU project will support the delivery of Energy Efficiency targets

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DELTA project launches

A new three-year project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, will seek to build a framework that can better respond to peak load demands for electricity across Europe. The DELTA project was launched in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 7 May 2018.

A team of ten partner organisations from across Europe will work together to develop a next generation Demand Response (DR) Framework for every consumer of electricity, regardless of size. DELTA will empower European citizens and small to medium sized businesses to actively engage in everyday energy transactions.

In Europe there is a huge variability in peak load electricity demand, due to changes in weather conditions. This unpredictability of demand is one of the main barriers for accelerating a more sustainable future for Europe. Electricity System Operators are forced to have a capacity much higher than what is actually required so they can respond effectively when peak load spikes occur. The new DELTA Framework will deliver a breakthrough concept in innovative DR solutions that can unleash the demand response potential of small and medium ‘prosumers’ (professional consumers) of electricity in Europe as well as supporting household consumers. DELTA will address the gaps in current demand-response schemes through several cutting-edge technologies.

Once implemented the DELTA Framework will ensure greater flexibility in response to peak demands for electricity and in addition it will increase the use of renewable power sources. As well as delivering environmental benefits DELTA will ensure that electricity supply is more secure, reliable, competitive and of higher quality.

Speaking at the launch of IN-PREP in DELTA in Thessaloniki Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras, a Research Director of CERTH, and coordinator of the project said:

“DELTA’s vision is to implement next generation Demand Response for every consumer of electricity regardless of size, empowering them to actively engage in everyday energy transactions. DELTA will enable end-users to escape the hassle of responding to complex price or incentive-based signals. It will also facilitate active, aware and engaged prosumers using novel award schemes, a social collaboration platform and personalized user interfaces. Exciting pilots of the new DELTA solution are being planned in locations such as Cyprus and the UK and during the project we will have many activities to engage relevant stakeholders so they can validate our approach. We are warmly inviting you to follow us for the 36-month journey of the project.”

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