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DELTA Publishes First White Paper

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DELTA Publishes First White Paper

  • Posted by: Dawn Lonergan
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The DELTA project is pleased to publish its first White Paper.

This paper provides a brief analysis of the corresponding articles in the Regulations and Directives of the EU and searched information about key interest domains of the DELTA project, such as demand response, smart metering, data management, blockchain, smart contracts, prosumers, and flexibility. The results show that terms like demand response, flexibility and smart metering are common within both Regulations and Directives. However, terms like blockchain, smart contracts, prosumers, etc., are rare or even not mentioned at all. This indeed implies the existence of gaps in the current policy, which need to be addressed, so that key elements of projects such as DELTA could be implemented in reality.

You can read the paper here

Author: Dawn Lonergan
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